S c r o l l   D o w n 

Aykaye H

Nov 25, 2016

Truly amazing and professional photographer who I would recommend to anyone, Thank you for my headshot photos.

Monica C

Nov 30, 2016

Very creative, very versatile and very patient. His work on display in his studio is just stunning.

Maggie M

Feb 4, 2014

A very warm and good person. Working with him is was great fun.

High Quality


  • 1 hr

    98 British pounds

The studio is based in Zone2 North East London 

A headshot session will typically last an hour from your arrival. Where you will be offered refreshments and a moment to relax. You may bring a few changes of top, so we can choose the best ones, or use them all. Many images will be taken. Quite often the pictures from the latter part of the shooting will be the best. As you feel more comfortable. 

Un-retouched images will be sent the morning after the shooting via "we transfer" A recommendation will be made for a 1st and 2nd choice. Your first choice will be respected and 3 of those images will be carefully retouched. Keeping a true and honest representation of yourself. High and low res' images will be sent to you in colour and black and white, a few days later. 


Low res jpg images are specially "saved for web"  and will be under 2mb apx. High res jpg images are 10mp in size apx and have enough detail to blow up to the size of a bus if you wish. Digital Negatives/RAW files are typically 24mb in size and are available on request.

Other portfolio shoots and show reals are available on request 

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